3Bee Raises EU 5 million for the pollinators in Europe

    The data-collecting and impact sustainability solutions company plans to expand further around the EU, multiplying its impact capacity, from 1 Billion protected pollinators in 2022 to 10 Billion in 2023.
    3Bee Raises EU 5 million for the pollinators in Europe


    Niccolò Calandri, Riccardo Balzaretti


    Italian-based scale-up 3Bee (a world with bees), which operates both in the B2C and B2B protection of ecosystems and pollinators area, has raised EU 5 million in a series A funding round. The startup, founded in 2017 by Niccolò Calandri and Riccardo Balzaretti, operates as a tech-enabled agent of impact solutions such as regeneration programs for pollinators subsistence and ecosystem rebalancing for biodiversity survival in areas burdened by monocultures, cities, and industrialization. Just in Europe In the last 20 years, the biodiversity has lost up to 20% of the total species living in France and Germany. France covers the 6th place in the list of the countries with the highest number of threatened species. (Source, IUCN red list).

    Hive-Tech 3Bee

    The Round

    The round joined by Ag funder Grow impact fund, one of the world’s most active food-tech and ag-tech VCs, Anya Capital, an Italian fund focused on impact venture, and ESA (European Space Agency), who allocated a capital of 700,000 euros for the study of biodiversity through satellites and multispectral imaging. The company said it plans to use the freshly raised funds to strengthen its biodiversity impact and technology data mapping infrastructure and for recruitment across the international business development, awareness-raising programs, and ESG service development verticals.

    Team 3Bee

    3Bee CSR

    Among the 500 brands, from logistics, real estate, fashion, food, retail, agri and human care sectors that collaborate with 3Bee in Italy, stands out the partnership with Genagricola, with whom 3Bee is developing regenerative solutions for pollinator-proof agriculture and photovoltaics. 3bee was advised by BonelliErede about the legal aspects of the transaction. The projects dedicated to companies are varied and all based on the objective of regenerating biodiversity: from adopting a beehive to planting a forest.

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